2024 Class Schedule for Homestead Baskets

All Classes are on Saturday, 9am-5pm:

March 9………..Market Basket 

March 23………Shaker Tape Stool

April 6…………..Ribbed Melon Basket

April 27…………Working with Slotted Bases

May 11………….Italian Bread & Muffin Baskets

May 25………….Fiber Rush Stool

June 1……………Ribbed Melon Basket

June 8……………Woven Wall Hanging

June 22………….Dyeing Reed

July 13……………Working with Round Reed

July 27……………Ash Splint Woven Stool

August 10………Tote Basket

August 24………Wooden Base Tea Tray

September 7….Market Basket


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To reserve your spot in a class, please email us at homesteadbasketshop@gmail.com.  We will contact you to submit payment.  Classes must be paid for in full to hold your spot.  Classes are fully refundable within 24 hours of payment.  After that time, if you are unable to attend, you will be mailed your class materials and instructions.  All classes must meet their minimum attendance requirement, or may be canceled at our discretion.  

Market Basket Class

Level: Beginner

Cost:$175+30 materials

When: Mar 9, 9a-5p and September 7, 9a-5p

You will create a large (8″x18″x12″) oak-handled market basket woven with dyed and natural reed.  It has a solid (closed weave) bottom, and a choice of colors and design patterns for the side.  It will be your own unique creation!

Class size: 6-10

Shaker Tape Stool Class

Level: Beginner

Cost:$175+85 materials

When: Mar 23, 9a-5p

Weave a seat with Shaker tape.  We provide a small wooden stool to weave on with two contrasting colors of Shaker tape, a 100% cotton canvas webbing, in a checkerboard pattern.  This sturdy stool will last for many years.

Class size: 6-10


Ribbed Melon Basket Class

Level: Adv. Beginner


When: Apr 6, 9a-5p and June 1, 9a-5p

You will learn the basics of ribbed basketry, using oak hoops on this 10″ melon basket (named for its rounded shape.). You will learn how to join the hoops with 4-point lashing, or god’s eye, insert primary and secondary ribs, and weave with dyed and natural reed.

Class size: 6-10


Slotted Wooden Bases Class

Level: Adv Beginner


When: Apr 27, 9a-5p

In this class, you will learn how to build a basket from a slotted wooden base.  You’ll begin by inserting spokes into the wooden base, then twining with round reed.  Next, you’ll shape and weave the sides, adding fun and interesting layers.  You’ll complete two baskets in different designs.

Class size:6-10


Italian Bread & Muffin Basket Class

Level: Beginner

Cost:$175+35 materials

When: May 11, 9a-5p

You will create two baskets in this beginner level class: first a 6″x8″ muffin/roll basket and then a 14″ long Italian bread basket.  Both baskets will help you to master the basics of forming and shaping, incorporating color and lashing a rim.  

Class size 6-10


Fiber Rush Stool Class

Level: Adv Beginner

Cost:$175+80 materials

When: May 25, 9a-5p

On a small stool frame, learn how to weave tightly twisted fiber cord (also known as imitation rush) into a durable and classic style stool.  You will go home with a new heirloom piece of furniture and the skills and resources to replace an existing seat in need of repair.  

Class size:6-10

Woven Wall Hanging Class

Level: Intermediate

Cost:$175+40 materials

When: Jun 8, 9a-5p

This class will teach you how to weave one of these amazing pieces of art.  The work is intricate and requires close adherence to the pattern, but your patience will pay off.  You will have the option of purchasing a frame at the class or taking your 18″ x 18″ piece home to frame yourself.

Class size:6-10

Dyeing Reed Class

Level: Beginner

Cost:$175+55 materials

When: Jun 22, 9a-5p

You will learn all you need to know to successfully dye reed at home, including how to minimize bleeding.  You will also learn the exciting space-dyeing technique which produces results akin to tie-dyeing.  After lunch, you’ll use dyed reed to create a simple woven basket that you will take home, along with coils of your own dyed reed.

Class size: 6-10


Working with Round Reed Class

Level: Adv Beginner

Cost:$175+25 materials

When: Jul 13, 9a-5p

You will discover how to use only round reed to create amazing designs!  Begin with a simple basket and end the day with a beautiful trivet.  In this class, you will learn different weaving techniques, including basic twining, three-rod wale, a basic rolled border, and a basic track border.

Class size:6-10

Ash Splint Woven Stool Class

Level: Adv Beginner

Cost:$175+95 materials

When: Jul 27, 9a-5p

Learn how to weave thin wood splints in a herringbone twill on a small stool.  You will go home with a new heirloom piece of furniture and the skills and resources to replace an existing seat in need of repair.

Class size: 6-10


Tote Basket Class

Level: Beginner

Cost:$175+45 materials

When: Aug 10, 9a-5p

Make a trendy tote basket that you will be proud to carry!  You will learn how to create a closed-weave base, weave and shape the sides using dyed and natural reed in a pretty design, and top it off with a rim and leather straps.

Class size: 6-10

Wooden Base Tea Tray Class

Level: Beginner

Cost: $175+55 materials

When: Aug 24, 9a-5p

This tray looks so elegant, yet it is really quite simple to make.  You will learn how to use a wooden base, chase weave with seagrass, and execute a classy rim incorporating leather handles. 

Class size: 6-10

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